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Our products are designed to be original one of kind expressions of you..

StoneTop is a family-run business based out of the Twin Cities and the Mille Lacs Lake area in Minnesota. Since 2014 we have studied a variety of decorative concrete systems and experimented extensively to understand our medium and its adaptable styles. We provide a locally made, sustainable, and responsible product that is completely unique to your home, backyard, or office.

Concrete conjures images of a solid base for design but rarely of organic, artistic and versatile pieces of art, décor, furniture, and your landscape.

Decorative concrete is not the fad some people thought it was a couple of decades ago. Decorative concrete is showing up in homes everywhere. With its versatility, it can provide the edge of a contemporary design or the warmth of the north woods escape.

Thinking of counter tops, sinks, showers, tubs/tub surrounds, patios, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, furniture, specialty items … let us help you design the product that expresses the look and feel that is uniquely you. We can color our mix, add texture to it, sculpt it, form it and customize it to meet your specific needs and personality. If you can imagine it ~ we can bring it to life!

If traditional products/materials you see everywhere haven’t moved you or they have left you wanting something more, then StoneTop Surfaces is about to ‘rock’ your world. We utilize a lighter weight material that is fiber reinforced for strength. All of our colors are integral so that the beauty is not just on the surface.

Whether you’re ready to start on your project or just in the dreaming stages we can answer your questions, provide quotes or consults, and make it a reality. Our products are designed to be original one of kind expressions of you.

Why Decorative Concrete?

Because the possibilities are limitless for designing a piece that is truly an expression of you!

Concrete is perhaps the most affordable custom designed product you could possibly include in your project design.

From its shape, texture, and color it’s personalized to fit your taste and unique project requirements.

Integral sink design, edge mold design, trivets, cutting boards, and other three dimensional features are custom made. Shells, agates, or glass, can be incorporated and ground to various levels of exposure

How is Decorative Concrete Different from Driveways and Sidewalks?

The concrete we use has been custom formulated from years of research by the nation’s experts. The concrete formula is very precise and includes micro fiber reinforcements and polymer additives that make it harder and stronger, facilitating smoother castings with fewer voids. The process is carefully controlled for strength in curing and consistency. The sealers have been selected from the finest in the industry to provide the best penetration, adhesion, and durability.

Where Can Concrete be Used?

Perhaps the better question is “where can’t it be used”!? Concrete works great anywhere that tile, granite, slate, marble, solid surfacing, etc. are used. A few examples include: countertops, bath vanities, sinks, tubs, shower walls, islands, desk or table tops, benches, coffee tables, outdoor countertops, bar tops, barbeque surrounds, patios, fireplace mantels, fireplace hearths, fireplace surrounds, signage, landscape art and building facades.

How Do I Clean It?

Soap and water. It is really nothing more or less than what your regular routine would typically be. Soap, water and a soft cloth will keep it looking nice on a daily basis. Any non-abrasive cleaner would work; however, we recommend a neutral solution to clean with. Simple Green® works well, as does dish soap and water with a sponge or washcloth. Abrasive pads may dull the finish, so use sparingly. Never use acid based solutions or strippers.

Can I Cut on My Concrete Countertop?

Do you really want to? As with ANY countertop surface, cutting boards should always be used when cutting or chopping. This holds true for any of the major surfaces used in countertop production not only for preservation of the surface, but also, for keeping your knives sharp. This is a great place to include unique features like removable cutting boards!

What About Hot Pans?

Pots and pans directly from the stove or oven are not good for the surfaces.

We communicate with the client to implement Heat Safe areas that could be incorporated into the design such as heat resistant strips or trivets that complement the overall style of your countertops and still provide a safe place for hot pans.

How Does the Price Compare?

Since each and every job is unique and custom, every job must be individually evaluated and quoted. We make every effort to give you our best price as well as the highest quality in the industry. Concrete countertops are a custom product, designed by artisans. Although they are often compared to mainstream materials such as granite or marble, they are really a craft product, hand-created, and unique to each customer. Concrete countertops are not low-budget items, but rather are typically installed in high-end, custom homes and offices.

Granite Synthetic Solid Surface Tile Laminate Engineered Quartz Concrete
Average cost per square foot $100 – 200 $90 – 120 $10 – 90 $25 – 50 $100 – 200 $65 – 135 *

Is the Surface Sealed?

Yes, with a top of the line sealer. Our decorative concrete products have a multilayered seal to protect the surface from stains and acids and enhance to beauty of the colors used. The sealer system forms a protective coat that not only enhances the visual dynamic of the surface, but also fills any voids and creates a nonporous surface free of space for bacteria to hide. This makes the sealed surface actually less porous than granite/or stone and thus, more sanitary. It is impervious to most food and related items but keep in mind, wine, mustard, etc. will cause problems on nearly ANY surface. It is also environmentally safe, food safe, and VOC compliant.

Do I Need Custom Made Cabinets?

No, standard is fine! Standard cabinetry is designed to carry the load of materials such as granite and marble, and thus is fine to bear the weight of concrete tops, assuming that the cabinets are assembled and installed properly.

Does the Color Vary?

Yes… The color and texture of each unique piece will vary since the color is hand mixed for your custom project. This is the exciting part of working with decorative concrete. The colors, how they interact, and the tonal changes that occur when the texture is developed is what adds to the depth and movement, making each piece one of a kind, setting it apart from other materials.

Do Concrete Countertops Crack?

No, we have tried and it takes extraordinary effort to crack once it cures.

A properly manufactured, installed, and used countertop will not structurally crack. By using proper batch formulation and reinforcement this should never occur. Small lines, like veins in a stone, may appear yet it is very rare and is due to the nature of the material and curing. This is considered a character feature of the medium and does not affect the structural integrity.

How Thick is Decorative Concrete?

You decide.

Thickness will depend entirely on the end use of the finished product. Countertops will range from 1”-2”, backsplashes and panels may be as thin as ½”. Where a thicker horizontal look is preferred, we would simply design a dropped edge that would give the impression of a thicker surface while the main surface is 1”-2” thick, achieving the look you want with less overall weight.

How Do Sinks Fit In?

We do sinks!!!!

We can customize virtually any form of a sink design into your concrete project including an under-mount or surface mount as well as integral sinks of any shape or size that can be incorporated into bath vanities, islands and bars. To ensure an exact fit and finish, we do require that the sink and faucet for the project be available during templating.

What does a Concrete Countertop Weigh?

On par with minerals.

On average, a decorative concrete countertop weighs no more than any other mineral based product like granite or stone. Approximate weight of a 1 ½” countertop should be about 17 ½ pounds per sq. foot. The weight of the decorative concrete when placed on properly constructed cabinetry comes nowhere near any cabinetry weight limits.

What is the Maximum Overhang?

Up to 12”, more with supports.

Engineering standards (and a good teacher) would tell you that an acceptable overhang should not exceed 1” for every 2” of properly supported surface. In other words, a two foot (2’) standard counter top could have up to a 12” overhang. If the desired look and design call for a larger overhang, additional supports can be incorporated in the design to allow for it. This can be done with corbels, legs, or other elements that complement the design.


We are so confident in our product that we provide a lifetime warrantee from cracking under normal use and conditions. Should deep scratches occur, we will evaluate the condition and make recommendation for repair.

Do Concrete Countertops Have Seams?

Technically … Yes—a concrete countertop will have seams that flow right into the coloring.

If a surface is too large to safely and practically move or install, it will need to have seams. The seams will be designed into the overall layout, considering the aesthetic appearance, size and functionality of slabs, and material stress minimization. These seams will be sealed upon installation and appear much like a grout line. The seam will most likely follow a vein in the piece and will be placed in a manner that works with the overall design.

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